I snap most my photos when I travel, but since I’m always behind the camera there are never many photos of myself. That’s why I appreciate when others grab the camera from me… Continue reading

Stage Blur

Dance performance at Dansens Hus in Stockholm, Sweden (2005).


Old scanned photos. I was 17 when I shot this beauty.

To Infinity…and Beyond!

London back in 2008.  

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

Porte d’Enfer (Gate of Hell) on the Caribbean island Guadeloupe.


Cassis, a beautiful city in southern France. The photos are taken with an old camera of mine back in the summer of 2005.


High school graduation in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

Kids playing at Place Edmond Michelet in Paris.

Secret Garden

A magic little spot I found in Deshaies Botanical Garden on the Caribbean island Guadeloupe. My contribution to the Rock the Shot March Photo Challenge: Something Green.

White Chrysanthemums

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Reflections of a lost time long gone. The Royal Swedish Ballet School.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside #2

Inside a car in Hackney, London.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Inside a big cold beer in a pub in Hackney, London.

Double Dribble

I photographed the Swedish artist Anne Thulins large-scale installation Double Dribble in The Garden Society of Gothenburg back in 2012. Strongly reminds me of Kurt Perschke’s RedBall Project:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

View from the fortress in Travnik, Bosnia. And the uncropped version.


Wandering around with Massive Attack in my headphones back in 2005.Kista, Stockholm, Sweden.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Probably not abandoned, but it sure looks like it.

Rue de Provence

A walk through the 9th arrondissement in Paris.


So the other day one of my photos got selected as the best contribution in a small internal photo competition for photographers. There are always two winners selected who get the honor of… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

Little natural treasure in our garden.


  I’ve added a new category called Photography Exercises. First off: Panning

Blinding Lights

You can get a lot of interesting effects with long exposure. I exaggerated the split toning a little too much here but it brings out the light beams quite nicely.

Sky 3


Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

Eiffel Tower Telescope


Cité – Metro Station in Paris.

La Motte-Piquet-Grenelle

La Motte-Piquet-Grenelle.


Bastille – Metro Station in Paris.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

Juxtapositions in Plitvice Lakes, Croatia.

Moon & Thunder

Have you ever tried to catch a lightning without your tripod?

Rue des Citronnier

Rue des Citronnier au Moule en Guadeloupe aka Gwada.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Portrait of sisters.

Älvsborg Bridge

Älvsborg Bridge in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Daydreaming from a window seat in the back of a bus in London. Everything is possible.


Rijeka is the principal seaport and the third largest city in Croatia. It is also the birthplace of my father, no wonder he was a man of the sea. His mother grew up… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

Beginning of the day in a pub in London. Travelers getting ready to explore the city.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy


Weekly Photo Challenge: One

A man in his boat as the sun is setting over the Adriatic Sea. One.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

Community of G E E K S in Paris;)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

Majestic view from Učka Mountains highest peak Vojak in Croatia.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!

Sunbeams in Lovran, Croatia.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

Our house is surrounded by forest and the animals living in it. And though I’ve seen plenty of them I had never before seen a deer up close, let alone capture it on… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Layers in nature.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

I waited a while before posting this one, because a habit of mine used to be to hang out with our cat. Unfortunately he passed away thursday afternoon after over 17 years in… Continue reading


It’s been more than two years since I left my boyfriend back in Paris to be able to take care of my father in Sweden. Distance relationships are never easy and if you… Continue reading


I moved from home when I was 16 to attend a school across the country. Throughout the years I’ve probably moved at least 20 times. As long as I had my own little… Continue reading


Yin – Yang                 Black – White                 Dark – Light                 Day – Night

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

A little something that I found in Casa Milà, also known as La Pedrera, in Barcelona. Creepy dead tree – now that’s what I call eerie.